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Sale price$200.00

Introducing the epitome of elegance and comfort.  Our patent pending technology gives you a brand new experience in an iconic style.  Pressure relieving innovation and design makes this pair of heels the last one you'll ever buy.

We believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice style for comfort.  Finally, a heel that makes the only difficult choice of what color to wear.

Each pair will be made in Italy, with the utmost attention to detail.  Our Stiletto will come in two widths to accommodate almost any foot, and three colors: Black, White, and Champagne.

Pricing: $500 ($200 deposit, $300 final payment + shipping due upon completion if outside of contiguous US). 


Stiletto Sale price$200.00

All Shoes Feature Our

Natural Toebox

Have you ever spent a long day on your feet, only to feel relief when you take your shoes off?

Suffer no more! Our natural toebox gives your feet and toes room to be in alignment so you can be comfortable all day and kick cramping from a small shape to the curb.

Carefully Curated

Leather & Suede

We have a deep appreciation for all things involving years of skill and tradition. So all of our leather is selected to bring you the best we can.

From our standard box calf dress shoes with their uniform color and texture. To our Private Collection of world class leathers and suedes from Horween and C.F. Stead, we have spared no expense to delight your eyes and make your shoes last for years to come.

Blake or Goodyear welt? The Choice is Yours

Quality Craftsmanship

Our shoes and boots are handmade in Spain using two time-tested approaches to construction. The sleek Blake welt, and the robust Goodyear welt.

Both welts have their place in our hearts, and can be resoled by your local cobbler. Choosing a welt can be difficult so here is a guide we put together to help you out.