No more cramped toes and sore feet. No more sacrificing style for comfort. Start walking around in a pair of Free Forms today and see what makes us different!


Premium footwear

premium materials

Sourcing the highest quality leather and suede wasn't an choice for us, it was the only option.

The best shoes require the best materials, so we spared no expense and passed the quality directly to you without marking up our price.

Why do we select the tanneries we do and keep our prices low?



We have always had certain frustrations about footwear, so we decided to do something about it. We wanted our feet to have the freedom to stay strong and mobile within a shoe, and for that shoe to look good and perform well at the same time.

Wool lining, better insoles, additional heel padding, lean lugs, high quality leather and suedes, and a lower heel drop. All these wrapped in a clean, timeless style.

A beautiful form, that allows freedom. Free Form Shoes.

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Activation insoles

We partnered with Naboso to push our own product to the next level. These can be purchased as an addon to any purchase and swapped out between pairs of shoes/boots.

Naboso insoles are the only sensory insole on the market that are thin enough to be worn in any shoe or on top of an existing arch support or orthotics.  

They enhance foot awareness via stimulation of the sole of your foot to improve balance, increase movement efficiency, and improve postural awareness.

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Foot health Journey

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Feet are the foundation of our interaction with the world around us, it's important to give them their due with strengthening, stretching, and proper understanding.


Style suggestions

Want to suggest designs, colors, materials, etc. that you would like to see? We would love to hear from you!

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