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Our Story

Free Form Shoes began as an ideal to merge the aesthetics and craftsmanship of classic dress shoes with the knowledge of anatomy and optimal foot function. Our founder spent 7 years working as a physical therapist assistant and learning from experts in barefoot functionality to create Free Form Shoes in 2020.


Anatomically Minded & Aesthetically Driven
Our priority is making a shoe that satisfies three criteria:
Function, Comfort, and Style.

We created enough space in the shoe for the foot to take on neutral alignment and prevent the muscles and joints from being cramped due to lack of space. We added features that hit some of the pain points of traditional dress shoes like the insole and laces. Ultimately the shoes also had to look good, to truly fill the gap between form and function.
So we set out to change dress shoes.  To bring the function and freedom that we loved to the dress shoe world, and stay true to the form we have always admired while keeping the natural anatomy of the foot in mind.