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How it started

I wanted dress shoes that helped my feet get stronger, kept me comfortable, looked great, and were made to last.

Anatomically Minded & Aesthetically Driven
My mission is to make a shoe that truly embodies health and style.  No sacrifices, just quality.
Hi, I'm Joey and I started Free Form Shoes to be everything I wanted in a dress shoe.  Shoes that were made well with great materials—to last a lifetime.  If I'm going to sink my money into a product, it has to look good and last.
I wanted as many of the barefoot ideals in a shoe without sacrificing the timeless aesthetic of dress shoes.
I worked as a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) for 7 years and convinced as many patients as I could to start transitioning to barefoot shoes.
I believe it's ok to want style and health, and that's really what I spent 2 years of development doing with these shoes.  Ensuring your foot has enough room for a neutral toe splay so the muscles can do their job and your joints can be happy.  The longest record I have spent in my own shoes is 15 hours, and I'm excited to say I've never been more comfortable in how I look and feel.