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We made this page for everyone to have the chance to learn and experience better movement, and connection with their feet and body.  We have heard so many stories, and witnessed so many successes as people take more charge of their own health.  Our goal is that you don't overlook your feet in your own journey, they are your foundation.

Basic Foot Introduction

There are no pointless structures on the body, but we're here to discuss feet.  When it comes to the feet the basics that are important to understand are mobility, stability, and strength.

Mobility simply means how flexible your joints, muscles, and tissues are and how well you can control the movements within the range of motion, or flexibility you have.

Stability is how well you can maintain a position.  This applies to all the phases of gait for the sake of discussion on shoes, since you walk in them.  If you are only stable in mid stance for example, but collapse into excessive pronation (flatfoot) in any other phase then stability is limited and should be addressed.

Strength is simply how much force you can generate or how long you can sustain a position.

We know there are specific terms like endurance and power, and restrictions within capsules, adhesions, etc. but we wanted to keep this very simple and straightforward. 

In regards to shoes you need to have enough room to allow the toes to splay and the intrinsic foot muscles to contract and relax in different activities at the appropriate times.  When this is not allowed, as with traditional dress shoes the muscles cannot relax enough to stretch out and they feel cramped because of being forced into a shortened or contracted position.  This can also lead to long term changes in the muscles, bones, and joints. 

Too much heel lift likewise can cause increased pressure on the metatarsal heads, this is especially true when too much toe spring is present in a shoe; as well as increased instability in the ankle joint.

What to do

Stretch the foot muscles in various positions, splay and curl the toes, start gently using a massage ball on your arches, try wrapping your toes and feet around objects to pick them up and lifting/opening your toes up and out away from the ground.

Strengthen your intrinsic muscles with different exercises and barefoot activities.  Try grabbing objects with your feet, lifting your toes up and out in sitting or standing, balancing with the muscles activated then relaxing them too to feel the whole range of motion for each muscle and muscle group, hold your foot arch stable and practice balancing on one leg (hold onto something if you need to).  Make it fun and don't worry about too many rules.

There are also lots of foot health products and practitioners to assist you, with more joining the market all the time.  Below you will find people we highly recommend and follow ourselves, take the time to check them out!


What to do next

Instagram Accounts we Recommend

These are people who are wiser, more informed, and more practiced in foot rehabilitation than we are.  You can learn a lot simply by following them, if you want more content from them don't hesitate to reach out to them.

They all offer great first steps to restoring foot and body function!

@thebarefootpodiatrist  @myfootfunction
@dremilydpm @theurbanbarefoot 
@strengthinmotion @correcttoes




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