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The skin on the bottom of the foot contains thousands of (small nerve) mechanoreceptors, which are sensitive to different stimuli including texture, vibration, skin stretch, deep pressure, and light touch. When stimulated, these nerves play an important role in how we maintain upright stance, activate our postural muscles, and dynamically control impact forces.

One of the key features of Naboso is the evidence-based texture that is integrated throughout the material. Several studies demonstrated that specific textures will actually improve balance and stability by reducing medial lateral sway. At Naboso, they proudly match this evidence-based texture shape, height, and distance to ensure that they get the most accurate stimulation of the nervous system.

Another feature of Naboso is their evidence-based hardness of the material. Again based on research, studies have supported that harder surfaces more effectively stimulate the nervous system and provide increased proprioceptive input from the ground up. A 2012 study by Iglesias et al, demonstrated that the harder the insole studied, the greater the reduction in medial lateral sway.

Benefits of increased plantar foot stimulation:

Reduced foot fatigue and pain

Enhanced joint stability

Enhanced postural control

Improved neuromuscular activation

What does this mean for you? By reconnecting to your foundation (the foot) you are waking up powerful neurological pathways that bring the brain and body back in line. This can mean immediate improvements in posture, balance, and walking!



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