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The Elegant & Quizzical


The Wingtip is a shoe that adds fun and flair to your wardrobe. The sweeping lines and careful brogue details capture the eye and hold a gaze.

Zero Drop

The zero drop (0mm heel drop) enables the most natural stride for your health; and joint alignment when you're in a standing position.  Even more so than most common sneaker brands, the zero drop helps you feel at home in your body and truly at ease when you're strolling down the avenue, or meeting your friends for a day or night out.

Low Drop

The low drop (4mm heel drop) blends form and function, giving a slight heel to dress up the shoe as a whole while not having enough height to throw off the gait cycle or posture significantly.  Balances a focus on health and a preference for aesthetics.

Traditional Drop

The traditional drop (15mm heel drop) gives the most height to our shoes and the most traditional aesthetic.  You'll look right in place at any event with this option, and nobody minds being an extra ½ inch taller.