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Article: Stiletto and Ethos, have we lost our minds?

Stiletto and Ethos, have we lost our minds?

While many of our customers, colleagues, and contemporaries might frown on us for even conceiving such an idea as the Stiletto.  We at Free Form Shoes are of the mind that the cultural current in fashion is not one that needs to be stopped up at its source, but rather redirected.

To those who would disagree vehemently with this idea, let me propose to you this question.  Is it better that women have heels that are better for their joint and foot health or that are not?

Yes, being barefoot and barefoot shoes are wonderful and can really improve balance, posture, neuromuscular control, joint loading strategies; and I am a personal believer and user in all of it.  But a part of me loves style and if that can be innovated upon, why not?

If we can take that which is popular and iconic, while being unhealthy, and convert it to a better form.  Is that not the right course of action?

Just because bicycles and walking are better for you doesn't mean it's not nice to drive. Similarly, wearing heels should be something that is done with intent.  Intentionally looking a desired way.

It is a choice on our parts to create shoes that hold true to the styles we have loved, and have been lovingly crafted by artisans throughout the years.  Families of craftsmen and women who worked the materials by hand from something crude into something beautiful.  We have a deep respect for it, and wish to bring it into a more modern phase without deeming it unworthy.

To those who are excited for a high heel that delivers great production quality, exquisite materials, and comfort beyond compare.  We are proud to introduce you to this stiletto, and we encourage you to reclaim your foot health one step at a time.  Feel the joy of reconnecting with your feet, as well as the freedom to dress up elegantly.

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