Here is a list of items that might help you decide between some of our options.

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Leather Comparison

Here are our leather options side by side for a visual reference.

Heel Drop

Choosing a heel drop can be difficult if you are torn between 2 or even 3 options. 

In terms of looks.  If you are going for a more formal look, we recommend 4mm or 15mm.  If you are going for more casual then we recommend 0mm or 4mm.

In terms of health, lower is always better.  It creates a more natural stride and prevents alternate loading strategies of the heel, or the eccentric load on the anterior tibialis muscle.

Goodyear vs. Blake welt

It can be hard to choose if you have never been given the option before.

For starters what is a welt?  It is the method used to secure the upper leather part of your shoe to the midsole and outsole.  A Goodyear welt adds more bulk, increased protection from weather, and is less flexible.  A Blake welt is more sleek, flexible but at the cost of some weather resistance.  Both welts can be resoled.

Size guide
 US Men's US Women's EU
5 7 37
5.5 7.5 38
6 8 39
6.5 8.5 39.5
7 9 40
7.5 9.5 41
8 10 41.5
8.5 10.5 42
9 11 43
9.5 11.5 43.5
10 12 44
10.5 12.5 44.5
11 13 45
11.5 13.5 46
12 14 46.5
12.5 14.5 47
13 15 47.5

If you are ordering a size you do not see, please include the size you want in 'Special Instructions' on the Order Form.

Any other questions

Please utilize the 'Special Instructions' area of the Order Form. If we are unsure about what you mean, we will contact you to clarify!