Our approach to how we source leather is simple. 
We want the best.

The best colors, the best longevity, the best textures–so we looked through hundreds of options until we found the best leather for each of our products.


All of our shoes are made with leather from well known and trusted tanneries.  Sourced from C.F. Stead in England, Horween in Chicago, Maryam in Italy, and others we hand selected as well. 

We also don't discard an option when there is a limited supply.  For example when we find a leather or suede that will only be available in limited quantities or is just a great hide we feature it in limited edition shoes and boots.  Giving you a chance to own something more rare than our standard offerings.

We realize a good pair of shoes is an investment, and we wanted our product to reflect that.  Similar quality shoes and boots will run from $500+ for the same hides and craftsmanship–even without the additional features we packed into our shoes. 

But we wanted our products to be as accessible as possible so more people could enjoy them, we spared no expense with our selection of leather or the other materials put into the shoe.  They are made to last and crafted with great care by generational artisans in Spain.