Anthracite: From C.F. Stead's waxy commander series, its a dark grey with some light blue notes and lots of aging.  It looks vintage right away but still has a feel of quality.  Minimal pullup and creasing, scuffs can add to the character.

Apricot Nantucket: A reddish brown, but the soft red is the more predominant color.  Very little pullup or creasing.  Comes from the Horween Tannery in Chicago.

Asphalto: A dark grey with some blue notes with minimal grain and creasing with wear.

Black Leather: There are two variants for this depending on if you are viewing a dress shoe or a boot. 

  • Dress shoe is a black chateaubriand box calf leather, very fine pores with a rich deep black color and slight grain.  The hide shows extremely little pullup or distress when creased. 
  • Boot leather from Italy that has a lovely grain throughout the hide, also smoothes out more over stretched areas, such as the toe and heel, but more creases will develop in the natural step folds of the leather as you wear them.

Brown Express: A box calf leather that has all the right notes of brown in it.  A blend of dark and light but not splotchy in any way, truly shows the richness of the hide.  Where most brown box calf can appear fake, this rings true with slight grain and a rich color.

Chalk: Made from C.F. Stead's soft waxy commander series, its a light grey hide with a soft waxy feel.

Dark Brown Comercuer: A deep coffee color brown with a waxy texture.  Lighter pullup and moderate creasing.

Discovery Comercuer:  Similar to brown express in the richness of color, the main difference being a darker tone overall with some slight reddish hues as well.

Grigio: A light grey that has some natural leather color to it as well, a good step above nude leather that gives it a bit more edge. A tight grain pattern with moderate creasing.

Light Brown 1060: A tannish brown with very subtle grain, will look great once it receives a little patina from wear and we are also intending to add some extra on the toe creating a rich patina across the whole shoe for lots of contrast.

Natural Aniline Chromexcel: A true brown leather from Horween where the pullup will get lighter than the surrounding area with very minimal creasing.

Natural Dublin: The most weathered of our collection.  It has notes all over the brown spectrum that will change with wear.  Made by Horween, it has lots of texture and creasing and lightens up to a rich light tan along those areas.  In the non-stressed zones it will stay a rich brown.

Nature: From C.F. Stead's waxy commander series, its a tannish grey color that truly blends the best of both.  We couldn't really understand why we kept coming back to it, over and over.  Minimal creasing and pullup with lots of character as the hide scuffs.

Navy Blue: A rich navy blue with tight grain and mild creasing.

Oxblood: A deep burgundy made from box calf leather with mild creasing and a tight grain pattern.

Tan Aniline Chromexcel: Another Horween Aniline leather.  This one is a rich brown with true red notes along the pullup.  Moderate creasing and lightening along stressed areas.  A truly great hide, my top reddish brown color–I couldn't not include it.

Toscanello: One of our favorite lighter browns from our selection.  A rich tan color that is in between a true tan and a true brown.  Lots of grain and minimal creasing and pullup.  If you love lighter brown colors, this one won't disappoint.

Urban Brown: Made from C.F. Stead's soft waxy commander series, its a rich brown with lighter notes in the pullup, the hide has a soft waxy feel.

Whiskey: A leather we kept coming back to because of its richness.  An oiled shoulder hide from C.F. Stead in England.  Moderate creasing and light pullup.  A rich, dark brown with medium brown and red notes and a slight oiled waxy finish that is rich to the touch.



All of our suede is sourced from C.F. Stead in England and is among the best in the world, try to find a better one–we dare you!

Black Suede: A deep black with a fine suede nap and feel.

Col 173 Suede: A coffee colored suede with a slightly higher nap than repello calf and a great feel.

Gaucho Suede: A light tan, with just a touch of grey to make it more neutral, made from repello calf which is water resistant as a standard.  A fine nap calf suede.

New Rosewood Suede: A rich chestnut color with notes of red, orange, and brown.  This is the color and look that made my first thought go to Chukka boots.  A moderate nap with a slightly gummy feel.

Smokey Grey Suede: A perfect grey, not too dark or too light.  The feel is rich, soft and lustrous with a fine nap.  I wish I had a couch made out of it.

Snuff Suede: A true medium brown suede with great color and feel made from Janus butt.

Tobacco Suede: A rich chestnut color with a fine nap.  A truly eye catching color and texture made from Janus calf.